DFUB achieves over 6 times higher retention growth

Updated: Jun 2

dfub achieves over 6 times higher retention growth

Easy Ways To Increase Any Institution’s Student Retention Rates Up To 6 Times!

DFUB, founded in 2016, was incubated within New Oriental and delivers online K12 tutoring for all subjects to bridge the gap in unbalanced distribution of education resources in China. From 2016 to 2019, DFUB has entered 67 cities, gathering loads of qualified teachers to develop targeted products. The Tier-3, -4, -5 cities have substantial demand for education. Compared to offline tutoring centers, it has the same capacity of classroom online, the same retention rate but at least 6 times’ higher growth rate than offline tutoring centers’ expansion.

DFUB and ClassIn:

Highly interactive live streams

Each class is designed for 15–25 students, which is the maximum capacity to maintain high class quality. Through ClassIn, one instructor engages face-to-face communication online with selective 6–8 students, while the rest could choose to “go on stage”. Such class mode is vastly effective, in that students would stay alert and focused, for fear of being called out to show their face on camera.

Customized Online Small Class

Small class size can improve students’ active learning skills, and increase class participation rate. At DFUB, an instructor is matched with an assistant. One is focused on teaching, while the other on administrative issues to keep class running smoothly. As a result, parents were impressed with the degree of customization, because every single student in a group will get adequate attention and care all along.

Service Localization

DFUB ensures that the content is rightly fitted into each local standard. For example, students from Datong only join the Datong class group with their own study plan. Different cities will have their own version of textbooks. Physical service centers in every city serve to gather and recruit students. As a point of contact, service centers provide thorough information about programs, and online instructors fly there to engage with students on a regular basis. It is worth noting that this two-way interaction builds a strong foundation for word-of-mouth marketing.