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What’s new in ClassIn — Online Test!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

online test

ClassIn has released its new online test feature! The features include test questions, online test sheet, test and test result data. Now teachers and students can simply and easily take tests through ClassIn.

Browse the features

1. Manage test questions: teachers can store their test questions in the cloud drive, and then open the test questions in the classroom and lesson. They can edit and manage the test questions using ClassIn.

2. Send an online test: teachers can send online test sheets to students in the Class and Classroom.

3. In the test: Students can go through tests in Class and Classroom. In the Class, once students complete the test and submit it, teachers can view their answer sheets. If it is in the Classroom, teachers may check students’ answer sheets in real time.

4. Test data: It supports an automatic marking feature, which has made filing work far easier than in the traditional way. Teachers can simply check the result of every student. Teachers can explain the test questions and the result in the classroom thereafter.

How it works?

Step 1: Manage your test material

1. IM Cloud Drive

IM Cloud Drive

Teachers can add or change their test questions in “Test Bank” in “Cloud Drive” and save them in Cloud Drive.

2. IM Class

IM Class-1
IM Class-2
IM Class-3

Teachers can add and save the test questions in their test bank following this process: Post Test>Add Questions>Save to “My Cloud Drive -> Question Bank”.

3. In the Classroom

in the classroom-1

in the classroom-2

If it’s in the Classroom, teachers can open the test sheet from their cloud drive or add questions in the Classroom (they can save to the cloud drive, too).

* About Adding Questions. . .

  1. ClassIn supports single questions, multiple questions and True or False but currently does not support subjective questions.

  2. The questions and options only support letters, not images and other formats.

  3. Batch import is not available at the moment.

  4. The test questions you create are privately owned and can be shared to your classroom or students.

  5. The test bank is saved in Cloud Drive and supports keyword search in files (optional search is not supported)

  6. When adding questions, you may define the correct answer by clicking on a choice. You can set up to 26 different choices for a question.

  7. You can choose whether to provide explanation with the each question or not.

  8. When you edit a test question, if the storage location is altered, the original copy will stay and the new question will be stored in the new location.

Step 2: Send online test sheet

Teachers can send online test sheet in two different situations, one is through Class and the other is in Classroom. It supports preview of test sheets in either way.

  1. In Class

in class-1
in class-2
in class-3

Before sending the test, test subject and setting should be sorted first. Teachers can select students who are going to take the test, and send the test sheet to the designated students.

test notice

Once teachers post the test, students will get notification pop up. Students can enter to the test and then take it.

2. In the Classroom

If the test is sent in the lesson, teachers have no option but to let all students who are already in the classroom to take the test.

in the classroom-1
in the classroom-2
in the classroom-3
in the classroom-4

The teacher/assistant teacher clicks the Test in the teaching tool box to start the test (auditors can’t take the test).

Once the online test sheet is sent, latecomers still can take the test, but for those who newly joined the Class cannot take the test.

Both teachers and TA can send tests at the same time.

Students can’t take longer time than test hours or lesson hours.

Step 3: Take the Test

take the test-1
take the test-2

If the test is sent through ClassIn, students can take test only in the ClassIn.

If a test has time-limits, even if students temporarily leave in the middle of the test, time will continue to count. In the class, students are not permitted to manipulate the test window, such as resize, move or close.

Once the answer sheet is collected, students are unable to modify the answer sheet. In either case, teachers cannot redeliver the test sheet to students.

Every test, whether if it’s completed or incomplete, can be tracked in the ClassIn Instant Message, and teachers can provide the test explanations in the Classroom afterwards.

Step 4: Test Supervise
  1. Test in the Class

test in the class-1
test in the class-2

Student answer sheets cannot be accessed in real time by the teacher. Teachers can review it only after the student has submitted the answer sheet.

2. In the Classroom

in the classroom

During tests ongoing, teachers can view each student’s response (click on the student’s name) and answer of the each question (click on the test data) in real time. Additionally, they can turn their microphone and camera on to oversee the students.

The size and placement of the student test windows are the same as the teacher’s window. Teachers may make adjustments to the test window at any time.

Step 5: Automatic Marking and Manual Modification

automatic marjing the maunal notification-1

automatic marjing the maunal notification-2

The system automatically marks after students submit their answer sheet. Teachers can review questions manually and correct marking and ratings without affecting final statistics. Teachers can check each student’s answer sheet through the student list on the left.

automatic marjing the maunal notification-3

Teachers can look up the details of the answers to each question, including the correction rate of each question and the number of students who got the right answer. Teachers may check the answer of a student specifically when the mouse cursor is placed on the student.

*The current version does not support downloading test data.

Step 6: Test Explanation
test explanation

Teachers can give an explanation right after the lesson finished, or they can begin to explain by clicking “Test” > “Explanation”. This explanation functionality supports all tests (completed and incomplete).

Students will watch the same monitor as their instructor during the explanation.

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