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ClassIn Expands Content Collaborations with International Publishers

With a grand mission of empowering education on all fronts, ClassIn is a fast-growing company that aims to construct a comprehensive education ecosystem, and one of the most important links is quality learning materials. Currently, the edtech platform is making strides through partnerships with international publishers following a mature collaboration model. In addition to diversifying distribution channels for textbook materials, users of ClassIn from a range of institutions benefit from easy access to credible learning resources.

Content Collaborations Complement the ClassIn Learning Ecosystem

Built on the basis of a powerful live broadcasting technology for education, ClassIn continues to attract valuable resources through in-depth partnerships to create an all-around educational experience. As the edtech platform grows, more than 600,000 institutions in 150 countries, including middle schools, higher education institutions as well as tutoring centers, have adopted ClassIn technology. The one-stop online learning solution already encompasses education-specific tools, interactive affordances, a learning management system, and much more. But to integrate the technology further into the field of education, ClassIn has set out to incorporate digital resources of internationally renowned publishers into its system.

The Collaboration Model between Publishers and ClassIn

ClassIn as a platform provides a channel connecting educational materials from publishers to participants of online courses. However, beyond just another distribution method for digitized textbooks, ClassIn offers copyright protection for all resources supplied by international publishers. In turn, the platform displays authorized learning materials in an intuitive online content store for users to access.

Preliminary Illustration of the Collaboration Model

From the perspective of publishers, once they sign up for an account with ClassIn, they can proceed to upload listed content to an exclusive account and authorize resources for school or institutional users. With one generic collaboration model in place, ClassIn is also open to tailoring partnerships to work with different publishers, offering services such as digitizing print textbooks.

In practice, for instance, ClassIn’s collaboration with Macmillan Education serves as a great example for revenue production under the model. With authorized content from Macmillan, ClassIn was able to generate sales for the global education publisher through the sales of digital as well as print materials.

How Content Collaborations Benefit All Partners and Users

As an educational publisher, why should I authorize my content with ClassIn? In addition to acquiring another sales channel, publishers enjoy direct incorporation of their content into virtual classrooms. Outside of the learning space, ClassIn strengthens brand marketing promotion and covers technical trainings for the use of digital materials. Technical support extends to the end of publishers as well. On an easy-to-use interface, publishers will be able to manage uploaded resources and track orders. Specific information of clients including name, address, and contact information, will be made available to publishers and ready for export.

Preliminary Illustration of the Guide for Publisher Interface

While the partnerships are between publishers and the platform, users of ClassIn will also have a more well-rounded classroom experience with the support of licensed educational content. With a wide range of learning materials from global publishers to choose from at the fingertips, ClassIn takes another step toward more equal access to educational resources in virtual classrooms.

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*ClassIn is a leading edtech company that provides a one-stop solution for digital learning.

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