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ClassIn Tip: Homework

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

classin tip: homework

Teachers can use Task to create and track graded and ungraded assignments. When creating a task, you can post it immediately, or schedule it by setting the open time and date. At the same time, teachers can set the deadline by configuring the end time and date. After students complete and turn in their homework, teachers can grade and return it to the student with comments.

1. How to Assign

Teachers can set parameters when handing out homework. Also, teachers can save homework into their Task Bank in the Cloud Drive, and open it at anytime they need.

post task

Add a start and due date

By default, an assignment opens at the current time and finishes in 7 days. However, teachers can choose whatever due date that the assignment should be handed in. To set a due date and time, click on the date and specify a date and time.

Post to all students / individual students

By default, an assignment is assigned to all students. To assign it to individual students, click on Students and deselect students, or deselect “All Students” and then select students whom you’re assigning homework to.

Add a grade points value

Teachers can change the points value of an assignment or make the assignment ungraded. ClassIn supports hundred marks, ten marks, rank students and custom marks.

Add attachments

Teachers can upload and attach any file types, such as ClassIn Cloud Drive files, audio and video files, voice recordings, image files, website links, etc. You can upload up to 15 different attachments per task. Here teachers can record their voices to give details about the assignments.

2. How to Review

how to review

Once students have submitted their homework, teachers will have a prompt. If teachers click on the prompt, they will move to the Homework tab, and can proceed to assess their responses and see the results.

Task sort and order

task sort

  • Teachers can find three tabs “Unsubmitted”, “Unreviewed” and “Reviewed”, when clicking on an assignment. The names of students who unsubmitted their homework will be listed under the “Unsubmitted” tab. Teachers can remind these students to submit their homework by clicking on the "Remind" button.

  • Homework that has been turned in can be checked in the "Unreviewed" tab.

  • Homework that has been checked will automatically move to the "Reviewed" tab with scores, if it has been graded.


review task

Once students turned in their assignments, teachers can annotate them with any comments and corrections. The annotation will be highlighted in red colored font. Additionally, teachers can leave feedback in the teacher's comments box by entering comments or recording a voice message.

The Homework Data

Teachers can see the homework data including the submission rate, the average score, the highest score, the lowest score, also the lineup of the students. Teachers can download the data in Excel as necessary.


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