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ClassIn Looks to Push Forward Equity in Education through Philanthropy

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

In 2020, sudden school closures around the world exposed and further widened inequality in education. Race, gender as well as socioeconomic status became divisive forces in defining which groups of children have access to online learning. On the other hand, 2020 was also the year when ClassIn, a leading edtech platform, came through with concrete steps on its philanthropic journey with the mission of closing the education gap. So far, through collaborations with multiple charity organizations, ClassIn has delivered diverse learning resources to thousands of kids in China and is ready for making a wider social impact internationally

Reimagine Arts Education in Rural China via Technology

“What is education today? Today’s education is promoting all-around development of children…we are in need of music, physical education, and arts teachers,” Jiao Yuesheng, the principle of Youfang education district in Hebei Province, says in an interview. In fact, in China’s rural regions like Youfang district, there has been a significant shortage of arts education resources.

Partnering with Tongnian Yike, a non-profit organization with the advocacy of diversifying curriculums in rural China, ClassIn provides vital technological support to deliver regular year-long arts lessons to hundreds of kids in Youfang district. Compared to traditional volunteerism that comes with high costs and requirements for accommodation, internet-based philanthropy remarkably reduces barriers for children in rural areas to access quality learning resources.

Especially during times of uncertainty, ClassIn’s technology ensures uninterrupted connection between instructors and kids in underdeveloped regions of China. Song Haoyu, a college student residing in Shandong Province who regularly volunteers at rural schools, was able to teach music classes to children of Youfang District during the pandemic. Despite initial concerns about the online method, Song has grown proficient in incorporating multimedia sources to keep students engaged. “I think it is great that local teaching assistants communicate and give feedback in time, and sometimes the class experience exceeds my expectation,” Song describes.

One Basketball Dream Shared on ClassIn across the Pacific

ClassIn’s delivery of arts lessons to Youfang District is representative of how its technology empowers education philanthropy; on the other hand, ClassIn’s recent and impactful online event featuring Jeremy Lin exemplifies the platform’s potential of expanding its charitable causes in a global context.

On November 18th, 2020, ClassIn collaborated with Tomoroe, an online education program focusing on the growth of middle school students, to facilitate an open conversation between Jeremy Lin and tens of thousands of kids in China who have a passion for basketball. The one-hour live session integrated three forms of online communication seamlessly – students were able to reach Jeremy Lin via recordings, live video chat as well as text questions. With the convenience afforded by ClassIn, more than 30,000 kids from 177 schools were inspired by Lin’s professional journey and learned from how he balances sports and school.

Toward the end of the event, Lin reflects that “In the US, the covid situation is pretty complicated, and flying is not that convenient. But it’s very meaningful to me that I have a chance to communicate with you guys online. Although it’s almost 11 pm, I am grateful for this opportunity.”

ClassIn to Expand Philanthropic Efforts and to Push Forward Equity in Education Internationally

For a goal as grand as equity in education, while ClassIn plays an essential role, it takes collaborative and systematic efforts to move forward. Garnering the support of educational institutions and charity organizations, ClassIn has been forming philanthropic partnerships since 2016 to give children of underserved areas access to quality and diverse learning resources. In the meantime, the ClassIn software designed specifically for remote learning has proven to be a powerful toolkit for supporting education charities. Driven by the mission of connecting more disadvantaged kids to fair learning opportunities, ClassIn sets eyes on an exciting future of education philanthropy where larger-scale social impact will be realized through advanced digital technologies and international partnerships.

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