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How Sekolah Global Mandiri Boosted Student Engagement in Remote Learning

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Case Summary

Founded in 2003, Sekolah Global Mandiri (SGM) is a private school in Indonesia with more than 1,200 students from pre-primary up to senior high. As the recipient of Grade-A Level of Accreditation, SGM proudly houses teachers and students who are recognized in domestic and international competitions. Keep reading to find out how, with the support of the ClassIn team, SGM achieved continuous growth with interactive teaching and efficient management.

Key Takeaways

  1. After partnering with ClassIn, teachers are empowered to create a truly interactive classroom, and students exhibit greater enthusiasm for learning through active participation.

  2. SGM administrators can easily realize management needs and various school functions on the same platform.

  3. ClassIn continues to collect feedback and address concerns from SGM with 24/7 customer support.

“Teachers explore more features. Technical issues are being tackled off. Parents also give positive comments. Quick response from Classin team when we have any problem.”
— Ms. Anna Budiatmi, Principal of Primary Level Sekolah Global Mandiri


During a hectic transition to virtual learning, SGM had tried popular videoconferencing platforms for online instruction, including Zoom and Google Class. However, educators quickly observed that it is challenging to make classes attractive and interactive, and as a result, students failed to actively participate in class.

  • Traditional videoconferencing software failed to support classroom interactions

  • Online classes were conducted in a “monotonous” way

  • Teachers end up spending more time searching for education-specific tools

ClassIn Solutions

Teachers credited ClassIn’s interactive features and demonstrated great enthusiasm in creative teaching materials such as EDB files. Outside the classroom, ClassIn supported various management needs and school functions. Additionally, instead of a one-time handoff, ClassIn’s 24/7 customer service team stayed keen on addressing concerns from SGM.

  • More than 20 interactive features designed professionally for teaching

a. Functions such as the Slot Machine to make classes engaging

b. Interactive teaching materials and virtual classroom designs

  • An all-inclusive system to support school management

a. Anonymous class monitoring

b. Faculty meetings

  • Thorough technical and customer support from onboarding to long-term 24/7 communication


After only two months of using ClassIn, students have become more enthusiastic about learning, and positive comments from parents and teachers flooded in. Teachers make teaching materials and conduct classes more interactively and creatively, which once felt like nothing more than a theory. In their words, “Sekolah Global Mandiri grows together with ClassIn.”

  • Visible improvement in classroom interaction and efficiency

  • Diversified teaching materials and richer pedagogies

  • Positive feedback from students, teachers, parents, and school administrators

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