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How SFAMSC Made Virtual Learning Interactive and Accessible for Kids of All Ages

Updated: Jan 30

Case Summary

Established in January 1999, St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta (SFAMSC) is a private school in the Philippines with extensive offerings of preschool, grade school, and junior high programs. Emphasizing both academic and moral values, the school arranges a number of activities to facilitate cooperation and friendships among their students. Keep reading to learn how SFAMSC, despite the pandemic, made learning accessible and interactive for kids of all ages!

Students of SFAMSC learning on ClassIn

Key Takeaways

  1. After adopting ClassIn, SFAMSC ensured learning continuity and met vastly different academic and social needs of K12 children all on one platform.

  2. ClassIn’s gamification features and versatile affordances significantly improved student engagement and facilitated better communication.

  3. The teaching experience using ClassIn prompted the school to incorporate online education into their long-term plans.

“The interactive blackboard is a huge help…the students are so excited by the games which is only possible in ClassIn.”
- Ryan Villanueva, President of St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta


In a rush to move all classes online due to quarantine mandates, SFAMSC struggled with finding a professional learning platform to deliver quality academic and social trainings while keeping K12 children engaged. However, online teaching with Zoom, Google Hangout, and Facebook Messenger had proven to be unsatisfying.

  • Vastly different academic and social needs of K12 children

  • Trouble with keeping young kids engaged in virtual classrooms

  • A short window to transition all classes online

ClassIn Solutions

Ryan Villanueva, the President of SFAMSC, highlighted ClassIn’s comprehensive and effective affordances in and outside online classrooms. In particular, Ryan credited the software’s interactive blackboard for keeping children involved with gamification features such as in-class activities and virtual rewards. Outside the classroom, building on a stable connection, ClassIn enabled uninterrupted communication between teachers and students wherever they are.

  • Versatile affordances promote interactions and communication

a. Immersive games and virtual trophies spark children’s interests

b. Interactive blackboard assists with more advanced learning

c. Stable connection enables communication in and outside the classroom

  • Easy incorporation of learning materials via cloud, Google share links, etc.

  • Intuitive user interface design for a smooth transition


Now, empowered by versatile ClassIn features, SFAMSC proudly champions education equity and accessibility for kids of all grades in the face of the pandemic. Enjoying expanded learning spaces and possibilities, SFAMSC has decided to incorporate online education via ClassIn into their pedagogies in the long run.

  • Significant improvement of student involvement

  • Safe and quality education during covid-19 with no child left behind

  • Technology-inspired pedagogical innovations

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