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New Feature: ClassIn Cam

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The ClassIn Cam app provides you with various filters that add some effects to your face and background. ClassIn Cam is a dedicated program for ClassIn virtual classroom, so you need to set it up on your PC separately. By using ClassIn Cam and ClassIn together, you can add some spice to your appearances and be free from privacy issues.

Download and Install


You can download and install the ClassIn Cam app in here. After installation, open the ClassIn Cam app to log in with your ClassIn account. If you don’t have ClassIn yet, download and sign up for ClassIn.

How to use?

Step 1. Settle on a video effect

1. Video tab

Video tab

In the Video tab, you can configure the video sources, camera orientation, brightness, color contrast and color saturation.

  • ClassIn Cam allows you to add multiple video sources, including local camera, webcams and images.

  • When you choose the Local Image as your video source, you can also make a slideshow of photos! To do this, upload a few different image files in the File List section, and then choose a Play Mode to make a slideshow with the photos.

  • You can also add up to 5 channels in one camera screen. To do this, right-click on the video area, and then click on “Add Channels”. Then, configure the parameters as you wish.

2. Beauty tab

Beauty tab

In the Beauty tab, you can touch up your face with the smooth skin effect, skin brightness effect and slim face effect.

3. Sticker tab

Sticker tab

In the Sticker tab, you can apply motion stickers, and decorate your video with various stamps.

  • In the Dynamic section, you can find a directory with a variety of motion stickers. Choose a motion sticker that you would like to apply to your face.

  • In the Static section, you can find a variety of stamps. You can choose whatever you would like to decorate with. You can also upload up to 50 images to the stamp directory for ultimate customization.

  • You can add up to 10 different stamps onto your video. You can resize the stamps and place them wherever you want.

4. Background tab

Background tab

In the Background tab, you can remove your background by blurring it or replacing it with any image that you would like.

  • You can either choose an image from the directory or your local drive.

  • You can upload up to 20 images to the background directory.

5. Camera Settings

In the ClassIn Cam, you can save up to 6 different camera settings. Once you save, you can apply it to your camera whenever you want.

Step 2. Open ClassIn

Open classin

After you have settled on a video effect, open the ClassIn app and enter into a classroom or blackboard editor. At the video settings, change the camera source from the default camera to the ClassIn Cam.

※ Tip!

If you want the ClassIn Cam to be available every time, click the Settings icon at the upper right of the corner. In the General section, tick the box that says Auto run when system starts. Then, the app will automatically start up when you turn on your computer.

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