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New Feature: Virtual Lab

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The NOBOOK virtual lab, one of the content providers of ClassIn, provides a set of scientific learning content so you can enhance visual and animated effects on science classes. You can use the teaching tools in the virtual lab to spice up your science classes and to engage students in immersive experiences.

What is NOBOOK?

The NOBOOK is a simulated laboratory that allows students to proceed with virtual laboratory experiments online. With its visual and animated effects, NOBOOK opens opportunities for alternative access to ultimate science activities.

  • It covers physics, chemistry and biology subjects in primary and secondary school curriculum.

  • Through animations and visual effects, students can have immersive experiences, which will help them get grips with the concepts and look inside the applications.

1. Physical Experiments

Physical Experiment

The NOBOOK physical experiment supports a variety of experiments and animated demonstrations with over 1,000 experimental resources and 300 experimental tools.

The physical experiment section covers electronics, mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, thermal, acoustics, home circuits, force and motion, and modern physics modules in the secondary school curriculum. You can avail the teaching tools to create your own physics experiment.

02. Chemical Experiments

Chemical Experiments

The NOBOOK chemical experiment supports dynamic visualization of chemical reactions so that students can have better understandings of the concepts and logic. It also helps teachers and students to create and perform any chemical experiments without any physical harms.

The chemical experiment section covers thermodynamics, gravity, particles, chemical balance system, rate system and pressure system and other modules. You can make use of these teaching tools to conduct your own chemical experiment.

How to use?

The NOBOOK virtual lab is accessible in all types of lessons on ClassIn, which include online classes, live streaming classes and online-merged-offline classes.

How to use-1

Open the Teaching toolbox tab on your right hand side, and then click on the Physical / Chemical Experiment tab.

How to use-2

You can switch the level between GSCE and A-Level by clicking on the tab at the top left of the browser tab.

How to use-3

You will see a variety of ready-made virtual experiments on the screen. You can select a course by clicking on the classification tab at the top right, or you can search in the search tab.

How to use-4

To create your own experiment, click on the Create tab at the top right of the browser tab.

How to use-5

You can change subject by clicking on the tab at the bottom left of the corner. Then, you will see the teaching tools for the subject on your right. You can drag and drop any objects to the board to set up a virtual experiment.

After completing setting up, you can give a virtual simulation by clicking on the Demo tab on the top right of the corner. You can also save simulations. You may check saved simulations in “My Experiments” tab.

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Christy Allen
Christy Allen
Mar 25, 2022

Can you export the notes form the class?

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