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New Updates on the ClassIn Test

We have updated some features for the ClassIn Test. There are two main updates on the test settings and question types.

1. Test Settings

As a teacher, you can hide grades until marking is finalized, and release all at once after completing the batch marking. To do this, tick the checkbox saying “Students can view after being checked” in the Public Answer section.

You can also publicly reveal everyone's score with all students. To do this, tick the Public Test checkbox. Here, you can also release all at once after completing the batch marking. To do this, tick the checkbox saying “Students can view after being checked” in the Public Test section.

If a test sheet includes short answer questions, the test result will be pending until you finalize the marking.

2. Question Types

We have added two more question types that you can use to create your test: Fill in the Blank and Short Answer.

A. Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank questions include one or multiple blank fields. Students type the appropriate word or phrase in each blank.

a. Create questions

To create a new question, select the Fill in the Blank tab.

Type your question and indicate the correct numeric for each answer. For example: "The elevator (1) _____ down and we were (2) _____ inside it."

To create multiple blanks, click on the Add Answer tab. One question can have 50 different blanks.

b. Create answers

If you have created multiple blank fields for one question, you can choose whether to take the order into account. You can tick the checkbox saying “Allow students to answer in a different order” if students do not need to match the order.

The answer is case insensitive by default. If you want to take capitalization into consideration, select the checkbox saying “Allow students to use different case letters”.

c. Grade

Fill in the Blank questions are graded automatically. Answers are graded based on if the answers match the correct answers that you set.

Occasionally, spacing or capitalization variations may cause a correct answer to be scored as incorrect. To prevent this, you can tick the “Switch to manually review” checkbox in the Test Paper Setting section to change the points manually.

d. Set Points

Each answer has a default value of 2 points. You can adjust the value by clicking on Set Score.

You can set different values for each blank by deselecting the checkbox saying “Each answer has the same score”.

B. Short Answer

Students type an answer in a text box, and teachers need to grade the answers manually.

a. Create questions

To create a new short answer question, select the Q&A tab. You can add image files within questions and answers.

The character limit on the Short Answer is 2000 characters. If students exceed the character limit, the whole answer will turn to red.

b. Grade and points

Fill in the Blank questions are graded automatically.

You can adjust the score by clicking on the "+" or "-" tab. Or, you can also type the value into the score blank.

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calculator gpa
15 hours ago

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mary coca
mary coca
2 days ago

The article is very interesting and attracts my opinion. With lots of good and additional information. I am waiting for new articles from you. fall guys


03 de abr.

That's great to hear! Can you please provide more details about ClassIn Test updates? I will do my best to assist you as I better understand the changes in Candy Crush

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