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OBS Studio for ClassIn live streaming

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

OBS Studio is an open-source software for video recording and live streaming. Anyone can download the software and stream live video easily and quickly. If you're planning to host webinars or one-off online lectures using ClassIn, you can stream on a platform with OBS Studio to attract more audiences.


Step 1: Set up a lesson

To stream, you need to set up a lesson first. Go to the ClassIn Dashboard and sign in. Click on the Courses tab on your left, and then click on the “Create Course”.

After clicking "Create Course", you will move onto the course setting tab. Set the course name and course advisor, and configure other course settings.

After setting up course, you need to create a lesson. To do this, click on “Create Lessons”.

Configure the lesson settings, including date and time, instructors, and then make sure to tick “Cloud Lesson Recording” and “Live Broadcast”. If you want to share the recordings with audiences after the event and allow them to watch the replay, tick “Webpage Replay”.

Step 2: Set up a Media Source

After creating lessons, copy the live broadcast link from the Lesson Information and ask the ClassIn Service Team for its RTMP URL.

Click on the “+” in the Sources tab, and then click on the “Media Source” to create a new source.

Unselect the “Local File”, and then paste the RTMP URL into the “Input” box.

Step 3: Stream Setting

Go to a streaming platform and choose 'Use Streaming Software' (for YouTube) or 'Use Stream Key' (for Facebook) to set up your live video.

You will be able to find “Server URL” and “Stream Key”. Copy them separately.

Go back to OBS Studio and open Settings.

Paste the Server URL and Stream Key that you copied from the streaming platform. Then click on Apply and then OK.

** Make sure that the audio from the Media Source is on, and other audio sources are turned off in the Audio Mixer tab.

Step 4: Let’s Stream!

Go to the Classroom, and you will see a prompt asking if you want to start online recording 'now'. If you’re ready, please click on “Start Now”.

Go to OBS Studio and click on the “Transition” button. Then the other screen will show up.

After checking both screens are synchronizing perfectly, click on “Start Streaming”.

Moving on to the streaming platform, you will find a Go Live button is switched on. Click on the button, and that’s all!

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Mar 11

I'm used to using OBS not for streaming, but for recording videos, then editing them and uploading them to my social networks. Sometimes it happens that the original format is different from the specified one, and I had to find out how to convert mov to mp4 on mac to change the format of the resulting clips, but that's nothing.

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