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Best Online Science Classes and Tools for kids

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

In a time where STEM education (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is highly in demand, finding the right resources for learning is highly crucial.

The great learning resources are the ones that are informative, interactive, and open for any type of participation from the learners.

Best online science classes are the ones that have a blend of knowledge-building and fun factors. These courses and classes serve as an important platform that prepares the kids for STEM education that eventually takes them to better employment opportunities in the future.

1. Online Computer Science Classes

1.1. Top Five Options

Create and Learn is a well-known and an award winner computer science class platform. Its mission is to provide kids of the K-12 level with top-quality computer science education. They have a wide variety of around thirty courses that can help students build their knowledge base in computer science. Their classes include coding, AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics and game development, etc. is a great initiative to help students of K-12 learn some of the most important trends and techniques in the area of computer science. This platform has proven to be a great initiative to guide students in grades K-12 to advance their coding path. Students of lower grades can also access this tool and learn through game apps, computer drawings, and self-regulated lessons.

W3Schools is a free-of-cost educational website designed specifically to teach coding. They have very detailed and interesting coding tutorials that guide the learner step by step. For young learners, this platform can be used as a secondary resource as it doesn't provide much longer learning exercises.

Scratch is also a great tool to learn to code. It is free of cost and a great online community where learners can interact while sharing different animations and stories.

CogniCoder offers various coding tools such as Python, Scratch, cybersecurity, and many others. Its teaching methodology is highly interactive and fun-filled.

1.2. Try this

Best online science classes are definitely the ones that have interactive tools. Many coding teachers choose to use ClassIn Small blackboard.

Multiple code languages' highlighting and formatting is supported through this tool.

More than two programmers can work together.

The best part of this text-based tool is that it remain invisible to the students till the instructor prepares the content. Teachers has the ability to share the content according to his will.

This tool works in three basic stages: preparation stage, answering stage and reviewing stage. Teachers can carry out co-programming and pop quizzes in a simple way.

2. Online Physics Classes

2.1. Top Five Options

Edcraft is an online physics tool designed especially for kids. They bring the experiments to reality by allowing the learners to explore the areas of physics. Their experiments are highly safe and full of fun.

The physics classroom is an online physics learning tool that provides the students with detailed tutorials, interactive physics simulations, and concept builder kits.

National Science Foundation provides a wide range of collections of lessons, content plans, and web resources. These lessons plans are highly beneficial for the educators to teach all the relevant physics concepts to students.

EduMedia has online interactive simulations including quizzes and videos. The purpose of these simulations is to strike a balance between effective learning and positive interaction.

PhET Interactive Simulations help the students to learn all the states of physics, physical and chemical properties of solids, liquids, and gases, construction of circuits, and measurements such as density, etc.

2.2. Try this

Teaching physics online becomes very easy and interesting with ClassIn virtual lab tools. These tools make physical experiments super fun and easy. These experiments include electronics, mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, thermal, acoustics, home circuits, force and motion, and modern physics modules.

The NOBOOK virtual lab is available in all types of lessons on ClassIn, which include online classes, live streaming classes and blended learning.

3. Online Chemistry Classes

3.1. Top Five Options

TutorComp is a global leader in online chemistry tutoring services. It has a large number of tutors specializing in chemistry. These tutors help the students to perform well and bring good grades.

Brainfuse founded in 1999 is an old venture working to facilitate students to learn chemistry concepts. This service has provided millions of students since then, making itself a pioneer in the field of chemistry.

Concord Consortium provides the students with additional learning materials in form of various activities, interesting simulations, and updated software tools.

Volunteer It Forward is designed on the notion that it is the right of every student to access education. It is specially designed for students who need assistance in Education. This online platform provides free chemistry tutoring services via video calls.

Limitless Learning Tutoring is with the mission to provide limitless learning to the kids. Its tools help to maintain the collaboration between instructors, students, and parents.

3.2. Try this

ClassIn virtual lab tools make chemical reactions easy and understandable. It helps the students understand the concepts and logic well. Its chemical experiment section includes all areas such as: gravity, pressure, rate system and chemical imbalances systems etc.

It is the same as the real experiment operation steps. If you did it wrong, the test tube could be exploded! The most important feature of this virtual lab is that it allows the teachers and students to perform the experiments without any physical harm or injury.

The equipment library has been classified by different types. Teachers and students can search for the necessary equipment and medicines quickly by themselves and design experiments by themselves.


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