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Our Lady of Africa Schools Achieve Remarkable Learning Outcomes despite Connection Difficulties

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Case Summary

Our Lady of Africa Schools is a private school in Uganda founded in 2003. The school comprises one primary and two secondary campuses, where student number fluctuates between 1,000 and 2,000 in recent years. Championing the vision of providing quality and affordable education through concerted efforts of all the teachers and students, the school is regularly ranked among the top 10 in Uganda. Read more to find out how ClassIn helped the school overcome initial disconnection and achieve remarkable outcomes with online teaching.

Our Lady of Africa Schools

Key Takeaways

  1. Interactive and well-managed live classes with cloud-based recordings help the school achieve better learning effectiveness in online education.

  2. ClassIn brings an all-inclusive solution to the institution, including built-in communication channels with parents and data-based learning reports.

  3. Active response to client concerns regarding device and data requirements with future product adjustments.

“Teachers have to invest time to explore all the features of ClassIn, but they find it very useful, very applicable, very illustrative and exciting.”
-- Lilian Matovu, Principal of Our Lady of Africa School


When the COVID-19 outbreak struck, network stability became the main issue standing between students and online learning. In remote regions with poor connectivity, students were not able to access live classes, and some had to go to a nearby café to download and watch recorded classes. Additionally, over half of the students had challenges meeting the hardware requirements to properly enjoy online classes. For those who could access classes live, the online classroom lacked interaction, and parents were also unable to get timely feedback on their children’s performance in school.

  • Unstable Internet connection and expensive cellular data

  • Single classroom model with few interactive forms

  • No technological support for assessment or communication

ClassIn Solutions

ClassIn first assisted the school with solving the problem of classroom interaction. With basic knowledge of online meeting software and thorough support from the ClassIn team, teachers completed three training sessions and mastered the skills within a week. Additionally, in response to some suggestions from schools, such as poor software compatibility and rigorous requirements for device configuration, ClassIn's developers are accelerating the process of developing a more compatible and lighter version.

  • In-depth training sessions to familiarize teachers with interactive tools

  • Ongoing development of lighter software to mitigate struggles with devices and data usage


In class, the platform affords a wide range of tools for interaction, both livestreaming and playback for class access, as well as management functions for classroom moderation. As a result, teachers are able to construct active and illustrative classrooms. Remote education goes beyond class delivery – teachers are also equipped with tools to communicate with parents as well as to record, quantify, and visualize learning behaviors such as attendance and participation.

  • Engaging virtual classrooms that afford management and flexible access

  • Timely feedback to and open communication with parents

  • Easier assessment afforded by quantified and visualized student performance

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