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Polish students linked with teachers worldwide

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

ClassIn connects Polish students with English teachers from around the world

Aleksandra’s Journey From Teacher, To Business Owner


Provide Polish students an affordable way to access excellent English teachers.


ClassIn connects Polish students with English teachers from around the world.


Students learn real English in a fun, interactive online environment.

Owl Kids Academy is the dream child of Teacher Aleksandra, who founded the school in Poland with the help of her husband around three years ago. Owl Kids Academy began with just two teachers, Aleksandra and her husband, and a handful of students. The school now boasts 40 teachers that teach a couple hundred students, and they are currently undergoing a massive hiring initiative, all this in just three short years. How did they do it? They offer something other schools in Poland do not: exciting, interactive online lessons taught by excellent teachers at an affordable price.

Teacher Aleksandra has ESL in her blood. She grew up in Poland and learned English there as a child. After moving to the United States, she eventually joined the military, where she ended up teaching ESL to young learners while stationed in South Korea. Then, after retiring from the military, she began teaching with VIPKids and has logged over 11,000 classes with them. Drawing from this wealth of experience, she knew exactly what she wanted for Owl Kids Academy:

“When VIPKids switched over from regular PowerPoints to making their courseware more interactive, it was a pivotal point for them. I saw how much more receptive [my students] were to the material, and I just knew that when it came to my own school … if I just give them a PowerPoint these kids are not going to be receptive.” Aleksandra realized that she needed interactive features to engage young learners, and she found those features in ClassIn.

In addition to having a wealth of teaching tools, ClassIn was also easy to use: “Everything in ClassIn has been simplified. It’s user-friendly, it’s easy, and it doesn’t require anything extra from me … It’s all easy to use, easy to access … it’s all available whereas [with other platforms] you have to work for it.” ClassIn’s ease of use and interactive features provide Owl Kids Academy with the online classroom they need to conduct exciting, engaging lessons for their young learners.

There was one more thing to consider for her to consider. According to Aleksandra, when considering ESL classes, the Polish people care mostly about price. ClassIn has allowed Owl Kids Academy to offer classes for about the price of three loaves of bread, a comparison that means a lot more to the Polish than it might to you. In addition, students in rural Poland, who might otherwise have difficulty finding quality ESL lessons, can attend Owl Kids classes and be exposed to real English and engage in conversation with fluent English speakers.

Teacher Aleksandra’s dream has become a reality. By partnering with ClassIn, she and the other teachers at Owl Kids Academy can provide exciting, interactive, and affordable classes to young learners in Poland, a service that will undoubtedly open doors and inspire a whole new generation of dreamers.

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