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New features: Diagram, Eraser, PPT notes

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

We had monthly training on 26th of April, 2021. Here's a roundup of the main features that we have introduced in the webinar:

1. Draw a straight line, circle and square.

Draw a straight line, circle and square.

To draw a straight line with the curvy brush tool, just draw a line and then hold down the mouse for one second. ClassIn will then change it to a straight line. You can draw circles and squares in same way. Try drawing a square or circle and hold down the mouse for a second, and then it will transform into a perfect circle or square.

The following is an example of a teaching scenario that utilizes this function.

2. Speed up your workflow with Eraser

Speed up your workflow with Eraser

Finally, we have released eraser feature! Eraser is applicable on the blackboard, small blackboard, test, homework and blackboard editor.

Click and drag on the blackboard, or anywhere, to start erasing. You can choose the eraser size--small, medium and large--depending on object sizes you want to erase.

It can only erase drawings or scribbles. It cannot erase text, images, straight lines and diagrams. If drawings and scribbles are locked in, it cannot be erased.

3. PPT Speaker Notes

PPT Speaker Notes

During the presentation, the speaker notes are not visible on speaker's screen, but aren't visible to the audience. So those who make presentations can place transcripts or key points they want to deliver the presentation.

To use this feature, add speaker notes when creating PowerPoint files. Then, open the files on ClassIn, and it will appear with the PowerPoint viewer. The notes for each slide will appear automatically as you navigate through your presentation.

Anyone who is making presentation can use this feature in classroom. However, students can use this only when they are authorized by teachers. If teachers take authorization, students will no longer be able to see the notes.

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