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SpeakUp of British Council Achieved a Quick Scaleup in the Pandemic

Updated: Jan 30

Case Summary

SpeakUp is an IELTS online practice program developed by the British Council to help test takers with English speaking proficiency. Each one-on-one SpeakUp session lasts a tight 30 minutes, where clients are connected to an IELTS expert anywhere in the world. Read more to find out how SpeakUp found the solutions to its teaching and administrative problems on one platform while achieving a quick scaleup.

A British Council SpeakUp session on ClassIn

Key Takeaways

  1. Partnering with ClassIn, the British Council IELTS SpeakUp program quickly realized a scaleup by increasing the capacity and efficiency to take on more clients worldwide.

  2. Answering particular needs of the program, ClassIn tailor-made adjustments to its system for more efficient management and payment process.

  3. On one stable and secure platform, SpeakUp met teaching, administrative, and backend management needs smoothly.

“Security, costs, and the capacity that you have to handle the volumes.”
-- Jonathan Cruise, Assessment Solutions Manager of British Council


To realize effective delivery of each session, IELTS SpeakUp ran into a handful of problems in the initial stage. Unstable connection and complex digital tools could easily rattle class proceedings for global participants, especially for foreign language speaking practices. Management wise, a large volume of individual sessions created an urgent need for an intuitive payment portal and a time-efficient way to organize classes.

  • Unstable connection for students and interlocutors globally

  • Need for efficiency to deliver fast-paced sessions

  • Management difficulties with class scheduling and the payment portal

ClassIn Solutions

Backed with advanced technologies, ClassIn presents an easy-to-use interface built on a safe and smooth connection. More importantly, technical teams at ClassIn tailor-made adjustments to the system to suit specific administrative needs of the British Council. Afterwards, Lina, administrator at SpeakUp, found it “very easy for users to upload the time slots for the interlocutors …and manage the clients as well as the arrangement of class.”

  • Safe and smooth connection internationally

  • An easy-to-use interface to maximize classroom efficiency

  • Specific technical adjustments to provide administrative aid

A British Council SpeakUp session on ClassIn


IELTS SpeakUp is now able to offer the new and exciting service to East Asian students and professionals seeking to improve their IELTS speaking scores. As the ClassIn’s smooth-running platform and backend support save teachers and administrators a lot of time, SpeakUp is able to focus on what’s important: helping their clients achieve the scores they need to pursue their dreams.

  • A rapid scale-up and expansion for the SpeakUp program

  • One stable and secure platform to satisfy teaching, administrative, and backend management needs

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