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St. Philomena School Witnessed "Reconnection and Growth" after Adopting ClassIn

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Case Summary

Established in 2008, St. Philomena School is a private school in the Philippines that offers early childhood programs up to 10th-grade education to kids with special needs. Over the years, the school prided itself in supporting the learning needs of every child as “a milestone for each family is a milestone for us”. Recently, in November 2021, St. Philomena School was awarded the Kaoru Star Raft Award by Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities. Keep reading to learn how ClassIn-assisted quality remote education prompted the school’s long-term adoption of digital learning!

First day of school virtual event

Key Takeaways

  1. St. Philomena witnessed “reconnection and growth” after adopting ClassIn during the pandemic.

  2. Interactive classroom features visibly boosted student engagement, and after-class learning reports offered timely feedback to teachers and guardians.

  3. St. Philomena joins hands with ClassIn to plan for a future of hybrid learning.

“Even if you are going to do a face-to-face class, ClassIn can still be used to the advantage of teachers in many ways… We will still be your subscriber in the next few years mainly because we believe that the system is growing, and we want to grow with ClassIn.” -- Engr. Alphonsus C. De Alban, MAED, LPT, School Administrator, St. Philomena School


The outbreak posed significant challenges for the education system and left families and schools unprepared. Subscribing to popular virtual platforms in a hurry, St. Philomena found that they were only good for corporate meetings and webinars instead of teaching and learning. In addition, “home facilitators” – family members and sitters – also required technical training to assist with instruction.

  • Learning effectiveness suffered a serious setback as students were often distracted

  • Conferencing software failed to support teaching needs and in-class activities

  • Insufficient training and support for home facilitators

ClassIn Solutions

Watching a video posted by another school, Teacher Kim, the school’s Co-Administrator for Academics & Programs, accidentally discovered ClassIn, which provided solutions beyond her expectation. She highlighted that “Students can write on the board. They can drag and drop…and the Focus Mode restricts students from opening another browser.” After class, ClassIn automatically generates analytics reports on students’ participation and assignments to give the school and parents further insights.

  1. Interactive and gamification tools to boost classroom engagement

  • The blackboard for freeform scribbling and customization

  • Virtual trophies and other gamification designs excite students

  • Focus Mode and the Onstage function to center student attention

2. Learning reports for easier communication at parent-teacher conferences

3. Cloud-based recordings to illustrate teaching methods

“It’s giving us the power to reconnect with the students and be able to provide educational services they deserve. The engagement is actually a testament of reconnection.”-- Kimberly C. De Alban, MAED, LPT, CPMT, Co-Administrator for Academics & Programs, St. Philomena School


After adopting ClassIn, Teacher Al, the School Administrator, described his feeling in two words, reconnection and growth. “It’s very interactive, some would even jump out of their chairs just to get the teacher’s attention!” Teacher Al recalled. Growing alongside ClassIn, the school now sees “go digital” as an inevitable trend, and they are planning to implement long-term online/hybrid instruction, welcoming students and instructors from all over the world.

  1. Teachers and students experience reconnection in remote learning

  2. The school attracts students and teachers on an international scale

  3. ClassIn’s routine upgrades instill faith for a future of quality digital education

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