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How to Setup a Successful Online Tutoring Business?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The online tutoring business is all about helping people to learn new concepts and master their areas of expertise. It is about giving the required knowledge with the right strategy to make people learn and grow.

The rate of profit earned through the online tutoring business depends on the expertise that you may possess. For instance, academic qualifications, technical skills, and experience level, which clearly means you need to be expert in your area in order to excel.

In this guide, you will find all the information necessary for you to improve the success rate of your online teaching platform.

1. How to start an online tutoring business

Keeping in mind the high cost associated with education building, an online teaching platform is a low-cost strategy. It is a billion dollars business . All you need to do is to make the right start with all the right information.

1.1. Identify your ideal client

Before identifying your ideal client, you need to explore your areas of expertise and specialization. Think of the areas where you can add value and use your experience to come up with the required solutions.Your clients will be based on your niche. While looking for clients, always remember to start small.

1.2. Design your tutoring business model

Online tutoring platforms usually have simple and straightforward business models. They have two kinds of users other than admins i.e. teachers and students. The workflow of both users is different from each other. If you are planning to design an authentic online teaching platform, here is a step-by-step guide to start an online tutoring business.

For students:

· As the very first steps, students are required to create their accounts on the portal.

· Students look for suitable teachers on the portal.

· Make the payment and attend the online tutoring session provided by the teacher.

For teachers:

· Teachers make their accounts on the portal and ask the admins to post their portfolios.

· Teachers share their expected pay and confirm the session appointment applications.

· Teachers start teaching and receive their payments through the portal.

For admins:

· Admins charge a commission fee from the students or the teachers, or both.

· Admins can provide students with monthly or yearly subscription services that include full access to all the lesson plans and content materials.

· Admins can deal with the tutors to list them in the highlighted section of the website against a set fee.

1.3. Choose popular subjects for an online tutor

The four most in-demand subjects taught by online teachers on online teaching platforms are:

· Mathematics

· Language learning (ESL)

· Coding

· STEM Education (ClassIn Virtual Lab)

Other technical subjects can also be taught depending on the grade level one is teaching. The list of subjects is huge ranging from basic writing skills to specific skill-based subjects such as digital marketing, business analytics, etc.

2. How to design fascinating courses and keep class interesting

Designing a course with relevant and updated content is the most important role of an effective tutor. There are several ways that can make a course fascinating and urge the students to get involved and participate.

2.1. Make interactive online classroom

It takes a lot of effort on the part of teachers to make online sessions interactive. Teachers need to look for authentic and accurate interaction tools to make online sessions interactive.

Incorporate a little mystery in your lessons: Try to make sure that you teach in such a way that it makes your teaching strategy a little mysterious. Students learn more when they do not know what to expect next because it has a fun factor involved.

Use technology at its best: Since online tutoring is all about using gadgets, it is important to use them wisely. For instance, while teaching students in form of groups you can use breakout rooms to socialize with students and also give them the opportunity to socialize with one another.

Relate lessons to real-life: Try to provide students with reality-based examples so that they can develop a skill of relating various concepts together. Those instructors who focus only on book material or fixed lesson content fail to deliver effectively.

2.2. Gamify your online course

Gamification in online education is a widely used concept in present times. Gamification of online courses makes them more fun-filled and also increases the probability of the students learning and delivering more. Gamify your online courses to increase student engagement.

The biggest attraction for the students to perform better in online sessions is to attain more badges and rewards (just like in games). These badges serve as the biggest motivation for them to participate in online class sessions, quizzes, assignments, and various assessments.

2.3. Develop must-have online teaching skills

Communication skills: Communication skills have to be very strong to conduct an effective online teaching session as compared to physical sessions. The main reason is that students are not physically in front of teachers. Carefully observe your tone, selection of words, and talking style while conducting the online sessions.

Patience: Online teachers require to be more patient when it comes to delivering an online teaching session. Remember, some problems are not fixable immediately and do require patience to come up with the right solution.

Time management: Keep a track of all the deadlines associated with the course. Manage your time well by keeping it in line with the content planned. Manage time by clearly dividing it into the delivery of lessons, quizzes, and interactive sessions with students.

Subject expertise: You need to be an expert on your subject material in an online class. Develop a grip on the content you are teaching and be open to accepting questions from the students.

3. How to build a brand and market yourself

This is an era of social media. Advertise your business on all social media platforms. Be active on all the platforms so you do not miss a chance to build your brand. Here are some of the ways that can help you market yourself.

3.1. Improve your website ranking

Keep your SEO game strong to be at the top in google searches. Do every possible effort to be in people's eyes. Use the most relevant keywords and search phrases. It will bring more traffic to your website. Keenly observe your competitor's marketing strategies and bring changes accordingly.

3.2. Socialize online

Be active on all tutor industry forums. That is where you will find your potential clients. Engage with other members on the forums. Improve your social media presence by answering all the questions and queries actively. After that, you can also design your own online forum. Build an online community and share with them all the required knowledge and market yourself.

3.3. Map out student journey

Map out student journeys with reliable tools. Check the student's performance and homework tasks. ClassIn provides you with the formal listing of students' classroom data, assessments or quizzes performance, and attendance rate.

4. How to run and manage your school and client

Client management requires you to be very particular about their requirements. To manage clients one has to be very particular about effective communication, the proper channel of follow-up, manage clients' expectations, schedule clients' weekly and monthly tasks, and develop client management skills. All these tasks can be performed in a single place using ClassIn dashboards that are very user-friendly.

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