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Teaching Math Online: Resources and Virtual Tools

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

There is a growing demand for resources that can teach math online. The majority of the students consider mathematics a bit technical subject and do require online assistance to understand its concepts and applications.

Keep on reading if you aspire to teach math online and plan to set up your own online tutoring business.

1. How to become an online math tutor?

The first step to successfully teaching math online is in-depth research. If you have all the knowledge required to teach math effectively, you are now required to research the online tutoring platforms and find the best one that aligns with your online teaching approach.

When choosing the online tutoring platform, remember to choose the one that is user-friendly, flexible and check its payment structures. Advertising your service well is also very important. Always look for platforms where you can effectively display your portfolio. A good advertisement will surely get you more students.

1.2. Design your Course

In order to effectively teach math online, you are required to design your course in such a way that not only grabs students’ full attention but also develops their knowledge base. Design your content in such a way that it relates to the real world.

Students must not consider math as a subject that does not have any real-world application. Make sure the content and the teaching style both develop real-world connections. Share reality-based examples with students to make them learn well.

Scaffolding Stratgy is another significant method to teach math online. While looking at he understanding level the students gradually develop your assistance as their understanding increases. Scaffolding is ,mportant technique in mathematics as one concept serves as the base of another.

You can also use inquiry-based tasks to design your math course. Inquiry maths enriches students’ learning by allowing them to regulate their activity while discovering a mathematical statement. Inquiry maths is widely used in STEM education and is an effective tool to teach math.

2. How to teach online math through ClassIn?

If you are looking for smart ways to set up your online business related to education, ClassIn has user-friendly features that make learning a worthwhile experience.

2.1. Use interaction tools to build collaborative work

Online teaching is about delivering quality work with utmost collaboration. Online interaction tools help the teacher and students to share the same blackboard at the same time to ensure their input. Such tools make online learning easier.

2.2. Let students work in groups

Working in groups is extremely significant in developing critical and analytical skills among students. It is essential to design group tasks in online teaching as well. These tasks boost students’ motivation level to deliver more.

The availability of a breakout room makes it easier for the instructor to create groups during online sessions. The teacher has the ability to create a group leader and assign the task accordingly.

On the other hand, chat windows are also designed to make the conversation easy and friendly. The purpose of the chat window is to ensure an easy flow of communication.

2.3. Essential tools to teach math online

ClassIn offers the following tools, which have made it very simple to teach math online. It also saves all your data during practice sessions, and you can also play a video along with those tools to make the students learn better. We've shared a YouTube Video of online math lesson.

The geometric board

These boards give instructors the facility to teach geometrical concepts with comfort and effortlessness. Online geometry tool helps the students to draw geometric figures such as points, angles, lines, circles, and polygons etc.

Math is all about doing repetitive practice until you get it right. This tool provides students with an online board where they can practice their geometric calculations.

Ruler tools

This tool is for making the right measurements against required criteria.

It helps the instructor and students to learn measurement concepts with full accuracy.

With these rulers, it is very easy to draw various figures during online sessions.

Casio emulator

An emulator allows the students to solve their questions during online learning sessions. It operates and looks exactly like the actual Casio calculator in ClassIn, allowing students to explore all the different possibilities for the answers.

3. Useful Resources for Teaching Math Online

IXL , a subscription-based learning site, offering free daily math practice problems.

MathWorld , a free online resource for everything related to mathematics.

Mathplanet, a free online math book, though which students can take their high school math courses focused on US high school maths.

Other references: 11 Teacher-Recommended Math Apps and Online Tools


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