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Transform the way you teach science with NoBook Virtual Lab

It's a typical science class: You open the ClassIn classroom, click on the virtual lab button, and a variety of ready-made virtual experiments appear on the screen. You create your own experiment and begin taking measurements. Students are fond of wonderful facts they have learned. If you want to learn more about it, welcome to the NoBook virtual lab!

NoBook offer a challenge-based and game-like learning methodology that puts the concepts to use. It is meant to engage students in interactive activities based on authentic scientific exploration.

More intuitive, less abstract

Some traditional brick-and-mortar schools rely primarily on textbooks to teach complex STEM concepts without laboratories and equipment. However, even with quality labs, schools can benefit from NoBook innovative and intuitive online simulations.

Perform Experiments Safely&Creatively

No matter where you are, here is a space to conduct various experiments safely. NoBook Virtual Labs transform the science classroom into an engaging, dynamic, and game-like educational place, allowing students to perform experiments without real-world risks.

Immersive and Interactive Hands-on Activities

NoBook contains 3D simulations for tens of science experiments, including the experiments of physics, chemistry and biology. Through these gamified STEM educational activities with virtual labs, students play a leading role in their learning process and develop critical thinking.


Reach out to schedule a personalized demo today !

During the demo, we will:

* Try to understand your business and exact requirements.

* Walk you through how ClassIn works.

* Show you how ClassIn fits your specific needs.

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