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Technology for Education Equality: ClassIn Donates OMO Classrooms to Underserved Schools

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Education equality means ensuring each student can receive what they need to develop their academic and social potential. It is based on the principles of fairness in distributing resources, opportunities, and treatment for each student.

With glaring digital divide in education across countries and communities, ClassIn has been driven by the mission to advance inclusivity and equity with its professionally designed affordances. On December 19th, 2020, the EdTech company joins hands with Beijing 101 Middle School to announce expansive support for underserved schools in Sichuan Province, connecting and synchronizing resources of rural and urban classrooms.

Students of Sichuan Liangshan
Students of Sichuan Liangshan

Advancing Equal Access to Educational Resources

Closing out 2020, ClassIn, together with Beijing 101 Middle School, announced a series of concerted actions to support the educational development of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as Liangshan) with facilities and teaching resources. Such efforts include the donation of Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) classrooms to Liangshan Minority Middle School and support for educational development of Sichuan Zhaojue Middle School and Liangshan Minority Middle School.

With ClassIn’s next-generation classrooms, students from Zhaojue Middle School and Liangshan Minority Middle School will be able to synchronously access the courses and quality educational resources of 101 Middle School.

Song Junbo, founder and CEO of ClassIn, underlined the company’s commitment to education philanthropy in the long run. “…ClassIn has always been adhering to the purpose of promoting education equality and progress, hoping that children in remote areas can enjoy quality education resources through technology. In the future, ClassIn will continue to further the development of education in remote areas through its online classroom platform,” he said.

“…ClassIn has always been adhering to the purpose of promoting education equity and progress, hoping that children in remote areas can enjoy quality education resources through technology. " -- Song Junbo, Co-Founder and CEO of ClassIn

Catering to Every Aspect of the Learning Process

Teachers at Zhaojue Middle School and Liangshan Minority Middle School received quality teaching resources and training from Beijing 101 Middle School, which significantly improved their professional capacity. This was made possible by the powerful features of the ClassIn online interactive teaching platform, which enabled rural teachers to conduct collective lesson preparation, teaching, classroom observation, teaching seminars, and to receive training according to pace and groups.

At the same time, students in Liangshan could enjoy better education in their own schools through ClassIn. They were able to interact with 101 Middle School teachers and students online via synchronous classrooms and cooperative learning. In addition to basic courses such as Chinese, Mathematics, and English, students also gained access to diverse class offerings through remote interactive teaching.

Charting a Path of Education Philanthropy with Concrete Steps

ClassIn has been partnering with education charity organizations since 2016. By now, ClassIn has supported more than 100 organizations and projects such as Ai Ying Le, Tongnian Yike, The Living Water Project, Tomoroe, U-Light, Tuen Mun District Women's Association, Pad for Hope, etc. to carry out remote teaching, with a total donation of more than 130,000 hours of ClassIn online live classroom lessons.

Students of Sichuan Liangshan
Students of Sichuan Liangshan

The Tongnian Yike “Cloud Classroom” project has provided over 15,000 lessons to nearly 300 rural elementary schools, benefiting over 20,000 students. U-Light has taught more than 300 lessons per week for 290 rural schools, reaching more than 40,000 students. Pad for Hope online courses have been viewed more than 250,000 times and benefited more than 5,000 students.

With the power of technology, ClassIn will continue to work with charity organizations to support educational development in remote areas, to promote educational equality, and to create more modes and possibilities for education.

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