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Tips for an Effective One-to-one Online Lesson with EDB Files

One-to-one lesson is called “Socratic Method”. This is one of the oldest and most common teaching techniques, which may be painful but an effective teaching method for tutors and students.

One-to-one lesson accounts for 70% of the Chinese education market. It is welcomed by students and parents for its great learning outcome and learning management.

What is the most essential part in the physical classroom? The blackboard. ClassIn considered the role of blackboard in an actual classroom, when it was first designed. ClassIn has carried the blackboard into the online space to broaden education capacity. The ClassIn blackboard combines the functions of interactive whiteboards and chalkboards. It is easy to save, modify the content, enrich and engage your students in the class.

Today, we will go over how to conduct an effective One-to-one online lesson by utilizing the EDB board — ClassIn’s online teaching board. You can get more ideas on the EDB board through the Youtube link below.

1.Preparing for the class

Users can import images, type words and hand-write on a ClassIn board. Thanks to its electronic nature, users can make short work of add, delete, and modify. This can save your class running time and increase learning efficiency at the same time.

Also, teachers can prepare lessons on EDB board in advance. When the class begins, teachers can import the prepared materials from the cloud or the tools board to save time.

2. Blackboard

In an actual class, blackboards serve important roles when conducting lessons. However, in most online classes teaching tools are only limited to be displayed on a PPT or PDF. However the ClassIn blackboard enables teachers and students to write at the same time.

One of the most effective and active teaching methods in a One-to-one lesson is to fill in the blackboard together. The collaborative blackboard is just like Google Docs. It supports everyone in the class together. It is the most effective way to ask and answer questions.

The ClassIn blackboard is divided into two…

The left board is to give an instruction. This shows the schedule and lesson content. Teachers can write down key words in red letters. The right board is to type the answers. Students then answer in white or blue letters, and teachers mark in red or yellow letters.

3. Upload pictures

One-to-one lessons can help the teacher assess any students’ weaknesses.

Users can upload pictures through PC client program or by scanning the QR code. Students can take pictures and upload at the same time when using the mobile client application.

If students have questions or problems, or when teachers give new questions, they can import them to blackboard by using “cut”. Plus, there are more functions, such as ‘adjust image’, ‘move’, ‘rotate’, and “copy and paste”.

This function can be used in various situations. Users can create ‘temporary classrooms’ and teachers can help students to solve questions at any time.

4.Save, open, and share

Users can easily save class materials on EDB board in document file or png image file. This function is highly optimized to take down lessons. So what do you need to do next? Revise!

Plus, the saving function is useful when making up for any missing problems, turning in lesson content to the educational institutions as a reference, and making a summary book after the course is finished.

5. Adaptable

Online teaching board is more than just a gadget to write down something in the conventional sense. This displays the whole progress over the lesson.

EDB file can be compatible with PPT or other file formats. Teachers can make the best use of the EDB board to share their academic knowledge.

Due to its flexibility, EDB boards can be usable in any subjects, such as math, geography, physics, Chinese poetry, chemistry, English vocabulary, etc. Even though the lesson content is an abstract concept, EDB boards give more scope to those invisible concepts.

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