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New Feature: Window Layout

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Today we are announcing one of our newest features: Window Layout.

What is Window Layout?

Window layout allows you to put certain teaching tools onto the screen wherever you choose. It’s compatible with courseware, cameras, and teaching tools. It will adjust the size automatically if you have created layouts and set that onto your blackboard. You can be more versatile to this feature.

How to use?

classroom window layout settings

To set up the Window Layout, click on the tile icon at top right at the corner, and then click on "Window Layout". You can choose a ready-made or customized layout.

hold down the shift key

Click on a teaching tool that you want to move, and then hold down the shift key, and then you may see gray blocks on the teaching area.

new feature

Drag a teaching tool onto a block, and then it will automatically correct into the right size. You don't have to resize or move manually one by one. All you have to do is "drag and drop" your teaching tools onto wherever you want. This may speed up your workflow in online lessons!

Create a window pane

Create a window pane

You can create customized layouts that fit into your classroom background image. When you click on "creating new layouts", you can see two editing modes: tile mode and customizing mode.

  • In tile mode, you can divide a window into 15 panes in scale and the panes are all attached together. If you want to make a layout with several identical sized panes, choose this mode.

  • In Customizing Mode, it supports manual adjustment of the pane size. You can put few things apart or put them in all different sizes in this mode. You can overlap the panes as well.

  • One account can save up to 10 different layouts, and in one layout you can create up to 15 window panes.

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hound attached
hound attached
08 apr

You have the ability to design personalized layouts that doodle baseball seamlessly integrate with your classroom backdrop image. Upon selecting the option labeled "creating new layouts," users will be presented with two distinct editing modes: tile mode and customizing mode.

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